The name Nanakshahi is not obsolete. In 1947 CE the Sikh History Society Amritsar published a Jantri in Urdu by Dr. Ganda Singh, and its title is ‘Mukhtasir Nanakshahi Jantri’. Maharaja Ranjit Singh issued a coin called Nanakshahi mohar. Dr. Bhai Vir Singh usually gave the year of the Nanakshahi Samvat in the dates of his articles published in the tracts. In some Hukamnamahs / correspondence from Akal Takht Sahib, the date also used to be given in Nanakshahi Samvat.

Dividing the community and creating controversy.

Some individuals and Sant Samaj of Baba Kashmira Singh seem to be dividing the community and creating confusion by imposing the word “Bikrami” rather than the appropriate word “Nanakshahi”.